I want to thank you for all you did in helping us unpack, move back in and get settled in our home after our renovation. You were there the morning our movers moved us back in and knew where every box, end table, lamp, whatever, went and had all of us organized! You helped my wife stage everything beautifully, had great recommendations for how and where to hang things – I loved it all when I saw it.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for keeping my wife calm. This whole ordeal has been very stressful, and you calmed her down and had her smiling at the end of each day. Thank you so much for that, more than anything!

Barry Polansky

Annapolis, Maryland

Debbie did exactly as the name of her company implies – she kept my move simple! She did it professionally and efficiently with minimal involvement on my part. I will definitely use Debbie and her Keep Your Stuff Simple staff to help me with future moves and to organize those hard to get to projects. She makes the seemingly impossible possible.
Kim Massey

Virginia Beach, Virginia

My husband and I had a contract on our 8000 square foot house the end of January. The people who wanted to buy it, gave us until the end of April to move out.

I thought that I had plenty of time to downsize and start packing. The month of February I was busy looking for rentals. Also during that time there were a number of inspections on the house that I had to deal with along with getting contractors to fix it up. All of a sudden it was the first of March and I had not even attempted to downsize or start packing and I started panicking.

I asked my real estate agent if there were professionals that would help me move. She gave me Debbie’s name and I called her immediately.

Debbie was a Godsend.

She told me to start with the rooms I did not use. I donated most of my items to charity – I felt I did not have the time to do yard sales or go online to sell items. I could not initiate the downsizing without her help. I really did not know where to begin.

She immediately delved in and packed up all items that were not going to be brought to the rental. The top floor of the house was downsized in 2 days. In the meantime, I was interviewing packers and movers and put a lease on a small horse farm which was 2000 square foot. Fortunately, it had outbuildings which we could store our items that we had in the shed and garage so that we did not have to rent a storage unit.

The basement was a nightmare because we had so much stuff down there we did not use. She contacted the charity groups and made appointments with them to pick up the items. Again she packed up all the items we were giving away along with the furniture so that the people picking up the items could do it as quickly as possible.

The basement got finished along with the main floor. She also delivered some of the valuable items to a consignment store. My husband could not believe the job she did along with calming me down. She helped me move valuable artwork and put on the walls of our new rental. Once the movers had come and moved us, Debbie came over and helped me unpack, decorate and organize.

This lady was incredible at what she did. I can’t thank her enough!!!!!

Kathy Howland

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