Are you currently overwhelmed with your home or office? Are you moving into a smaller space, or do you just want to organize the one you’re in? Are your loved ones nagging you to get rid of clutter?

Knowing where to start can be an overwhelming and daunting task. We can help you with all of that.

Services include:

  • Deciding where to start: what to keep, sell, donate and discard.
  • Downsizing what you want to keep: digitalizing photographs and/or documents.
  • Keeping it simple: using what you have to get and keep you organized.
  • Creating a move schedule and providing resources to choose from.
  • Getting you ready to sell your home, whether it’s arranging home repairs, cleaning or staging your home.
  • Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing packers and movers.
  • Unpacking and settling in the new home, making phone calls for utilities and other services.
Recently we incurred water damage at our beach house residence. We contracted with KYSS to organize, purge and pack our furnishings for storage, while our property was being repaired. Debbie and her assistant initially surveyed our belongings, packed, purged, and inventoried on all three levels of our beach property over a four day period. They also assisted the movers by accompanying them to the storage units. Their meticulous record keeping was truly remarkable and facilitated our insurance recovery claim process. We highly recommend her company’s services and would definitely employ her services in the future.
Barry and Beatrice Polansky

Annapolis, Maryland

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