Let’s Keep Things Out of Landfills

landfillAre you ready to downsize and don’t know where to start? You’re thinking about selling a home, relocating, or just simplifying your life.

Keep in mind that when you start to downsize, there are lots of options for your unwanted ‘stuff’. Determine furniture, artwork, and clothing you want, and then start going through the rest, one room at a time.

You may have items that you want to pass on to family members, such as jewelry, photos or special furniture.

Once you know you’re ready to simplify your life, there are many options for those things you don’t want, and most things can be kept out of our landfills!

You may have items for an estate sale, or want to sell things at a consignment store. There are thrift stores associated with different causes; hospice, animals, homeless communities, and others, where all the sales proceeds go to those causes and you receive a tax write-off.

There are services that pick up your junk and repurpose or recycle it, or donate it to a good cause. Very little goes into landfills, and that’s good for the earth and the causes you choose to support!

Debbie and KYSS can help get you started!

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