Downsize and Digitize Your Photos and Special Documents

memoriesDo you have boxes and envelopes with decades of photos that you haven’t gone through in years? Photo albums stuffed into closets that never get looked at?

During the hot dog days of summer, it’s the perfect time to take on an indoor project while you stay cool. Organizing your photos to scan and digitize them provide you a simple way to document and share them, preserve them from a disaster, and eliminate clutter.

Take a trip down memory lane, organize the photos chronologically for digitizing and pull photos you may want to send to family members or old friends with a nice note – something we all enjoy getting when most communication these days is digital!

You won’t need to scan every photo, that’s where the downsizing is; there will be plenty of duplicates, fuzzy photos, or old pictures of people and scenery you no longer want.

Once you have your photos digitized it is easy to make special digital photo albums of vacations or a DVD for a special birthday or celebration – beautiful and simple ways to remember and view the special moments of your life.

You can even scan special papers; documents, medical records, anything you want to be able to put your hands on without going through massive files and piles of paperwork.

Debbie and KYSS can help you get this project started!

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