“ICE” Your Important Information

in-case-of-emergencyNow that the kids are back to school and you’re settling into the new school year schedule, it’s a good time to take one more step to simplify your family life – and organize your important information!

We all have an ICE (in case of emergency) contact on our cell phones, or we should have. I have an ICE file that I pull out every time I travel, or if I need to go into the hospital, and leave it out on my bedroom dresser for easy access by a loved one should the need arise.

This is a one sleeve plastic or paper folder with a tab, labeled just what it is: In Case of Emergency.

Here is what you should compile and place inside that folder, and then make sure your children or appropriate person know where it is:

  • List detailing each credit card with number, phone contact and balance, as well as any loans such as car, mortgage, home equity, personal, etc., with contact names and numbers.
  • Page with all your insurance and financial information, account numbers, phone numbers and name of contact. That’s life insurance, health insurance, long-term care, disability, car, etc., as well as investments, financial advisor, safe deposit box, savings, checking and such.
  • Details on where your Will and Medical Directive are located. I also have a few notes on people I’d like to have specific things that are special to me.
  • List of all your accounts with user names and passwords. Copies of your passport and Driver’s License.

You will obviously need to update this folder from time-to-time, but think of the time and headache you can save yourself, or your loved ones, to be able to put your fingers on everything at once in the case of any type of emergency!

If you need help getting organized for this, Debbie and KYSS can help!

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